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New Beginnings Maternity Home

Dear Friends & Family,
It is with great excitement that we wish to tell you about a new ministry God is birthing within our community called New Beginnings. The vision of this ministry came forth from the hearts of several members of Calvary Community Church in Camas. We are all active members and have the support and covering of our pastor, Scott Jones.
We feel that God has called us to reach out to women who have the courage to bring life to their unborn babies; women whose circumstances make that decision all the more courageous. These young women have chosen life for their babies but they need a home and the support of a loving family. God has instilled in us a compassion to meet this need and has already done some amazing things to pave the way.
It is our heart’s desire that New Beginnings would have the support of the Camas/Washougal community. We sense that God plans to use this ministry, not only to help pregnant women in crisis, but also to spread His light throughout our community and draw us together as followers of Christ.
As God pours out His blessing through the work of New Beginnings, would you prayerfully consider how He might be leading and directing you to be a part of this? If you know of a young woman that could benefit from our ministry, please remember that we are a resource for you to use. If there is anyone in your circle of influence that you feel God has been preparing to serve in a similar fashion, would you tell them about us? We will soon be holding some training sessions to prepare those who have a heart’s desire to minister with us.
Before this ministry can be truly functional, there are still some very real needs that must be met. Our biggest needs are for a home to house our ministry in, “parents” to live in that home to be role models and a support to the young girls that we will be serving and of course the funds to keep it operational. Please contact us if you have any ideas on how God might be working to meet these needs. We would love to share with you some of the details of how God has already been working through us. We covet your prayers and support.
In His Service, 

Rhoda Gigstad - Director

Deana Schlauch - Co-Director

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